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What are Rare Earth Permanent Magnets (REPMs)?

Rare earth permanent magnets (REPMs) are permanent magnets which are based on some rare earth elements (Sm, Nd, Pr, Dy, Ce, etc.) to form critical magnetic structures. In regard to crystal structures, REPMs include
a. 1:5 type SmCo magnets (hexagonal CaCu5 type structure) also called 1st generation REPMs,
b. 2:17 type SmCo magnets (rhombohedral Th2Zn17 type structure) also called 2nd generation REPMs and
c. Nd2Fe14B magnets (tetragonal crystal structure) also called 3rd generation REPMs.

rare earth magnets crystal structures
rare earth magnets crystal structures

Compared with other types of permanent magnets such as ceramic/ferrite magnets and AlNiCo magnets, REPMs have much higher maximum energy product and coercivity which allow them to be applied in more high performance and/or more miniaturized motors, devices, instruments and equipments.

permanent magnets BHmax
permanent magnets BHmax

The REPMs are widely used in various fields of industrial automation, automobile, consumer electronics, computer, household appliances, telecommunications, energy, medical, aerospace, defense, etc.

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  1. I appreciate it when you explained that there is a higher maximum energy product and coercivity when it comes to REPMs which ensures that they are performing well for different types of motors, devices, instruments, and equipment. I can’t imagine how important it is to use materials that are appropriate for the certain project that you are working on to ensure that they will actually function well and keep your operations without any hindrance at all. For example, you have to know which type of rare-earth neodymium magnets you are going to get for the kind of project that you are having, and I think that talking to professionals in that area would be the best thing to do before you make a decision and invest your money on certain materials.

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