PTFE coated neodymium magnet rod

PTFE coated magnet rods consist of neodymium magnets, steel washers and PTFE shell. They are also called Teflon coated neodymium magnet rods. With PTFE shell, they are resistant to corrosion by strong acid and alkali solutions. Their surface magnetic field strength reaches 6000-7000 gausses, or higher as per requirements. In this article, PTFE coated magnet rods applied for test of magnetic impurities in Li-ion battery materials is described.

A Test Method of Magnetic Impurities in Li-ion Battery Materials

Magnetic impurities are harmful to the performance and safety of Li-ion batteries, so it is very important to test and analyze their contents in production. As an effective test method, PTFE coated magnet rods are used to adsorb magnetic impurities of the Li-ion battery material samples. Then they are placed in the acid solution (diluted aqua regia), and the magnetic impurities adsorbed on the surface are dissolved. Finally, the solution is analyzed by a spectrometer, and the magnetic impurity contents are determined.

PTFE coated magnet rod
high corrosion resistant magnetic bar, PTFE coated magnet rod in acid solution
Magnet rod in acid solution

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