SmCo Arc Magnets Features

SmCo arc magnets or segment magnets are widely used high temperature resistance magnets. Arc magnets can be assembled into a ring magnet with multi poles. SmCo magnets are usually uncoated. The corrosion resistance of SmCo magnets makes them suitable for use in corrosive environments.

custom SmCo arc segment magnets

Custom SmCo Arc magnets

Magnet grade: XGS20H-XGS32H, XGS20-XGS32, XGS20M-XGS32M, XGS20L-XGS32L, XGS14LT-XGS24LT, XG16H-XG24H, XG16-XG24

Magnetization direction: Diametrically magnetized, axially magnetized.

Magnet size: Outer radius, inner radius, length and θ

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rare earth arc segment magnets

SmCo Arc Magnets Applications

High speed motors, high temperature motors, etc.