MagSafe Magnets

MagSafe magnets are used in the iPhone 12, 13 models, their cases and chargers. They are a set of compatible magnetic components. They make wireless charging easy and efficient with magnetic positioning and connection.

magsafe accessories iphone 13 iphone 12 magnetic connection

Besides Apple supplied MagSafe magnet accessories, other third-party companies can also supply MagSafe magnet products. If iPhone users use other non-Apple accessories without built-in magnets, they can buy MagSafe magnets to attach to their cases and chargers instead.

magsafe magnets for iphone cases and wireless charging chargers
MagSafe Magnet Arrays for iPhone Cases, Chargers
magsafe magnet ring 8
MagSafe Magnet Ring (8 Magnets)
wireless charing magnet ring 16
MagSafe Magnet Ring (16 Magnets)

MagSafe magnet material is NdFeB. Apple recommends N45SH, N48H grades.